Responsible Spending

PAYLATER is committed to promote responsible spending.

PAYLATER is committed to promote Responsible Spending​

KALE TECHNOLOGY built Paylater as a tool to help people make use of their money and manage their spending responsibly. Our mission is and always will be to empower our Customers. Empowerment for us means that customers are always in control of their finances. Everything we do is to help to ensure our customers keep that control and meeting financial end needs. We understand that your circumstances may be change from time to time and you may need our support. That is why we have this “Responsible Spending” from the beginning. Please spare some time for this.

Buy What You Need

Customers should buy what they need and what they can afford to pay back. To make sure of this, we take time to know our customers before giving them more credits to spend. Paylater always start with an initial instant credit and it will increase gradually over time. Paylater has a proprietary real-time machine learning to determine pay back capability on time.

Late Penalty Fee

Paylater does not charge any interest or extra charges for customers who pay on time. Customers pay as advertised by the Merchants. Paylater generates revenue by charging merchants and not customers. Even if a Customer requests to split into more tranches, Paylater does not charge interest and we just add a small fee.


Paylater charges a late penalty fee if the customer misses a payment, and after a grace period given. Paylater helps the customers by sending reminders before payment due date and multiple alerts after a payment has failed

Support and Helpdesk

For more information and assistance with spending responsibly or budgeting, please feel free to email to