This campaign will only start on 24 May 2021 and end on 31 May 2021.

Shop Senang with PAYLATER 2021

Cash Voucher Giveaway


Voucher Value: RM100

Voucher redemption period: 24 May 2021 to 31 May 2021

Voucher expiry date: 31 May 2021

Bonus: EXTRA 8 (eight) ZERO-FEE INSTALMENTS. When you applies the voucher code during checkout, they will automatically get an extra 8 (eight) zero-fee instalments extension aside from the 4 (four) default instalments, which will end up 12 (twelve) months instalments in total with no additional charges.

Terms & Conditions

1. Minimum spending of RM3,000 and above in a single receipt.

2. The voucher is applicable to ALL PAYLATER partnered merchants.

3. The voucher is valid for one-time use only.

4. Each PAYLATER user can only redeem ONE promo code and use ONE voucher code during checkout with PAYLATER.

5. The extra 8 (eight) instalments change will happen within 24 hours.

View here for full terms and conditions.